Dance fashionable, really, there's only one step. One small step that women have taken with the ballerina and they were right. In fashion, there are new, but there are also models with whom time can not pull off a ride and that's the case with this improved version of the ballet shoes.
In very little time, they took to the streets to the delight of women who struggle with heels. Needle and thread, they have become real fashion accessories, and even models when they pass into the hands of Repetto or Chanel. If you are looking for some pairs, our collection of ballerinas and babies to wife knockdown price waiting for you.
Simplicity and elegance, this is possible
Let's be honest, despite the success of stilettos, heels and platforms, the day when women stop wearing ballerinas will not be soon. Even celebrities recognize this and many do not bother to wear them in public, outside the cinema or advertisements especially when they go out with their children. These visions were enough to further strengthen the values conveyed to the consumer: to be cool, class and take life lightly, Slippers ballerinas.
In the flat style, the ballerinas are probably the queens through this discretion and that lightness. Next, there are the famous babies. Our babies balances woman always meet great success.
Pointed toe ballerinas?
What makes the singularity of ballerinas, it is this image of lightness and the fact that there is little or no heel at all. Stylists and designers are forced to play a bit more about the components and colors to maintain this image. Sometimes they add flanges. The most used materials are leather and varnish.
Do not forget to pass by our varnished ballerinas at bargain prices if you want to see what happens. But for two or three years, the pointed toe ballerinas beginning to talk about them. If there was some apprehension at first, normal reaction since it was known that this, more and more designers are seduced by this form.

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