Summer or winter, the offset wreak havoc with the fairer sex. They provide for adolescent height and insurance and for older women, they can again be heel while enjoying good stability. It is true that fatigue is also felt that month on stiletto heels or stilettos and others. Are, we can advise you and invite you to get the offset of your dreams in our large selection of platform shoes for women at discount prices.

A story height

The first platform shoes which one still has the remains were true instruments of torture. They were called the pints and camels could wait 50 cm. With the hectic life that women lead today, it's hard to imagine they will have to constantly rely on a person to walk.

Our offset flanges at top prices or wedge sandals in our promo, we must the stylists of the 30s who fabricated leather models mainly. For lack of raw materials during World War II, the soles were replaced with wood.

A little discreet meantime, she returned in the 70s thanks to fashion designers like Yves Saint-Laurent to disappear again. His comeback took place on the catwalks in 2011. Fairly simple style, you'd be amazed at all the incredible models that have been created since.

I can not imagine myself without!

How many times have you heard this or say this? Since his comeback, women no longer raving about the platform shoes.

- The first winning point is stability. With a long dress, no chance she gets caught in the heel and even less if you have to walk on gravel or paved.

- In second place, the height. They really compensate the feeling of being on height as stilettos but are not provided as tiring as the front is raised.

- And to close the podium, there is the design. This year, light blue, black and brown are in the spotlight. If at first the offset were rather open, so more for summer or spring, it is now possible to wear in winter compensated with new models.

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