1 . introduction:

The terms and conditions of sale detailed below (hereinafter referred to as the " Terms " ) govern the contractual relationship between any user of the site showroom- mode.com ( hereinafter a "User" or "You" ) and commercial showroom- fashion brand belonging to group INC JADE . Ltd. , whose headquarters is located at :

registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Hong Kong under number No. 58096522-000-03-11-8 ( hereinafter " Showroom -Mode " ) .

These conditions of sale are the only ones applicable and replace all other conditions , unless prior express written consent.

Showroom - mode.com can be occasionally obliged to modify certain provisions of its terms , it is also necessary that they be reread before each visit showroom- mode.com ( hereinafter the "Site") . These changes are effective as from their online and can not be applied to previous contracts .

Each purchase on the Site is governed by the terms and conditions applicable at the date of the order.

We believe that by confirming your order, you unreservedly accept our general conditions of sale , having read them .

By accessing the Site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use contained therein .


2 . Ordering :

To place your order , we offer you three ways :

- On our Internet site: www.Showroom - Mode.com 24/24h and 7/7d

We will then confirm its good reception by email, if you do not receive the automatic confirmation email is that your email is an error or that your order has not been successful and is not validated .


3 . Product information:

Showroom - mode.com takes great care when putting information online with respect to the essential characteristics of our products, notably technical descriptions emanating from our partners and suppliers and the photographs illustrating the products and that , in the limit of technical and compliance with best market standards .

If an error has crept into these descriptions, we can not be held responsible.

4 . Price:

The prices indicated on the Site are in Euros , U.S. Dollars or Pounds Sterling and exclude delivery charges . Possible delivery costs are indicated to the user as and when its range of products and are billed at the end of the order in addition to the price of selected products.

The price to pay is in Euro, U.S. Dollars or Pounds Sterling and is always indicated clearly before order confirmation .

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without explanation, but we are committed to applying the rates that you have been listed on the site at the time of your order.

- Customs:

Any order placed on the site and delivered outside Hong Kong may be subject to taxes and duties which are levied when the package reaches its destination. These duties and possible taxes related to the delivery of an item are the responsibility of the customer and are your responsibility. We are not required to check and inform you of customs duties and taxes. Please note that by ordering on the Site , you are considered ( e) as the official importer and held ( e ) comply with all laws and regulations of the country where you will receive the goods. We want our customers to be aware that cross-border deliveries are subject to opening and inspection by customs procedure.

5. Availability:

Processing time and preparation are about 15 working + delivery chosen , you can find details here days.

You will notice that we will honor your order while stock is available .

Showroom - Mode.com gives itself the right , all the time preparing the order, notify the customer one or more products is not in stock, in this case it will be done immediately the amount of the sum of the products not in stock .

In the event that a product ordered is not available in our inventory , we will then contact you by email within 15 working days from the date of your order to inform you and tell you how soon this product could, if necessary, be delivered to you .

If one of the ordered products, some are temporarily unavailable , we promise to send you the products and offer you the " shipping " for the rest of the order (2nd shipment ) .

You may be offered a replacement for an unavailable product , a product of a quality equivalent or directly have the amount of products not in stock price.

Showroom - mode.com makes no refunds or returns or exchange because it engendrerais management fees and logistics , we would be forced to pass on the selling price and we could not bring you the prices exclusive of the biggest brands and we are on Hong Kong and we refuse to do more than 20 000 kms for obvious reasons of ecology at one or more items .

Please check your order before validating .


6 . Delivery method:

Products purchased on the Site are delivered in France and overseas territories worldwide .

Your order will be delivered to the address you provided during checkout .

If the delivery address is Incomplete or wrong, the package will be returned by the postal services in your country and this package will not claimable and not treated by us.

But we can not be held responsible if the customs in your country asked you extra money , you will need to set.

7 . Secure payment :

Showroom - mode.com offers HIPAY payment mode : credit card (Visa or MasterCard), gift -Mode.com Showroom .

For payment by credit card, the debit is made in the order, provided they have obtained prior authorization to debit your account with the competent payment centers , otherwise your order will not be taken into account.

No orders will be processed unresolved .

For payment by Gift showroom- mode.com , no minimum purchase .

In the case of a purchase , the amount is greater than the gift certificates, the user must complete a credit card payment online .

In the case of an order of a lower amount, the difference will not be refunded .

In case of cancellation of order or out of stock , Showroom - Mode.com conduct an asset, ( Showroom - mode.com makes no refunds or returns or exchange ), the latter can only be done through a voucher valid on all our references for 12 months. No refunds can be made .


8 . Litigation and Liability: This contract is subject to the law Hong Kongers .

Showroom - mode.com can not be held liable for breach of contract , on the one hand in case of force majeure, as defined by the courts on the other hand in case of fault of the customer or the unpredictable and insurmountable third contract . We remind you that it is wise to back up the data contained in the products purchased.

Showroom - mode.com can not be held responsible for any consequences arising from the improper use of products sold on the Website .


9 . Service - showroom mode.com : Without prejudice to the applicable legal guarantees , showroom- mode.com offers several services such as promotional codes. These promotional codes are available in the press and among our partners. Their use is subject to certain conditions:

- The codes are only valid on specified products on our website . A code is not refundable.

Promotional codes can not be combined unless stated Mode.com - Showroom .

- To benefit from the discount related to codes , it is imperative to include when placing an order by phone or to enroll in the space provided for this purpose during the passage of the order on our website .

If you have forgotten your hand, we can not cancel the order or renew to account for this promotion.

- Promotional codes are only valid on the time periods in the press and from our partners.


10 . Comment, criticism , communication

All comments posted by users of the site showroom- mode.com are monitored and moderated by the marketing and legal team. When the words are breaking the law and ethics ( abusive publicity, defamation , slander , insults, comments out of context ... ) showroom- mode.com reserves the right to refuse or amend the notice concerned. All persons or organizations , authors of this type of offense, will be held accountable and liable to prosecution.


11 . Protection of personal data:

The information you provide is essential for processing and delivery of orders , preparing invoices , their absence leads to the cancellation of your order . By registering on the Site, you agree to provide us with sincere and true information about yourself . Communicating false information is contrary to these terms and the conditions of use on the Site .

If the delivery address is correct and your order is up to us , it will be considered canceled and lost.

It was your responsibility to provide us with the actual information delivery , in case of non-receipt , regardless of the reason, incomplete address , missing or that the package has not been removed from your post office timely , Showroom - Mode.com shall in no case be held responsible .

Accordance with the law "and Freedoms ", the processing of your information has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) . showroom- mode.com is authorized to collect, process and use information about you. These data are subject to computer processing. This activity is strictly regulated : the file has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés under receipt number 722349 . You have a permanent right to access and rectify all your data in accordance with European texts and national laws (Article 34 of the Law of 6 January 1978). You can at any time make a request from showroom- mode.com to know what information it has on you.

You can at any time request, modify this data directly into your account . If you accepted when you registered on the website , promotional emails ( emails ) offering new products , offers clearance, exclusivities , good deals ... will be sent . You can request not to receive emails from us at any time by clicking here or on the link provided for this purpose and inserted link in the footer of each email that we or one of our partners will send you . Showroom - mode.com is the sole owner of information about you. If you accepted when you registered on the site , Showroom - mode.com and its contractual partners may send you information through accurate and timely promotions.